Monday, 16 October 2017

Iceland // Hólar and horses

 Up close and personal with big four legged animals. Because when in Iceland you giddy up!

my buddy Ketíl wasn't too excited about the selfie

Sara was such a natural on the horseback. I have no idea were she gets it from. You should have seen her parents...

Grocery shopping in foreign countries is always an adventure. 

A visit to Gili's and we all got ourselves some beautiful hand knitted Icelandic sweaters.

Friday, 13 October 2017

things I like lately - Provence version

- autumn break in Provence, France - it was so, so, so nice to have a week of summer in the middle of autumn; we will definitely do it again. It was like the perfect oasis in the middle of a busy autumn semester.
- spending time together as a family - including my parents, my sister and her family
- seeing how much Sara enjoyed playing with her cousin S (nearly 3 years old)
- seeing how fascinated Sverre was with his baby cousin H (10 months)
- renting a house with a pool - always a hit with the kids (even though the water was a bit too cold)
- red wine from the vineyard 500 meters from the house
- the weather - chilly in the morning and during the night (so no need for the air conditioner), and balmy 25c (sometimes more) during the day - perfect, if you ask me
- blue skies galore
- tan lines
- fresh croissants from the local bakery
- tomatoes from the organic produce store - so sweet and tasty!
- working out by the pool - keeping up my BodyBoss routine during the vacation and made my sister and mother join me
- the gorgeous view of Gorges du Verdon seen from Lac de Sainte-Croix
- the village of Aups - a true idyll
- the narrow alleys in the village of Villecroze
- market day in Lorgues, especially the fresh produce section - it made me want to buy all the vegetables and cook up a storm
- the big olive tree cutting board and salad bowl Sølve bought at the market
- swimming in the Mediterranean
- the smell of warm pine trees overlooking the small cove where we had our swim
- seeing how much Sverre loves throwing rocks in the water
- vineyards and olive trees in sunset
- the light in general
- playing board games with Sara by candlelight on the big outdoor patio table
- the super yummy wrap bought for lunch at Pret A Manger at the airport in Nice; I think it was chicken in a tomato and red bell pepper sauce, feta, lettuce and fresh coriander
- savouring a sesame vanilla macaroon and coffee (which I never drink when traveling with the kids because of the risk of spilling all over) bought at the airport whilst writing this and Sverre napping on my lap during the flight from Nice to Copenhagen
- watching him wake up
- USB port in the seat back in front of me on the plane - so convenient!
- traveling with Sara and Sverre is surprisingly smooth - they are such great little travelers

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- tiled bathroom floors with no underfloor heating - so cold! I really liked the heated towel rack though!

Friday, 6 October 2017

things I like lately

Cassis, France // Fuji Superia Reala 100, Canon EOS 500N

- autumn break is on!
- we are off for a week in Provence, France
- our new, huge sofa - sooo comfortable!
- ice cream! because sometimes life needs to be sweetened
- rediscovering Design for Mankind
- rediscovering Pinterest for home decor inspiration
- State of the Blog Union 2017: How the Online World Has Changed (via Cashew Kitchen)
- seeing the harvest moon from my bike seat this morning - a sight for sore eyes after a particularly wet week
- this little video by my friend Charlotte
- this honest post by David of Green Kitchen Stories
- homemade pizza and gin tonic to start the weekend and autumn break

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- wearing jeans underneath rain pants - it's just too tight and warm, but with all the rain we have had this week, appropriate clothing has been key.
- loosing my temper because of loud kids and exhausted mamma
- half burpees - SO HARD!
- Anarch of the ever inspiring Listebloggen has posted her last list

Monday, 2 October 2017

Iceland // further north

Before we left the Myvatn area to drive further north, we stopped by the Grjótagja lava cave and the "small Thingvellir", as Sølve called it.

She can be a bit envious that Sverre gets to be carried on my back, so we just had to check out if the Ergo can carry a 5,5 year old as well. It can and it made the 5,5 year old very pleased.

so much stuff // passenger seat catering at service

driving through Ólafsfjörður

lunch in Siglufjörður

infinity pool, Icelandic style // Hofsós 

the toddler study of Icelandic sheep 

at our cabin in Hólar in Hjaltadal // not keen on sleeping yet 

supper // with the so-called bread cheese 

Friday, 29 September 2017

things I like lately

Fuji Velvia 100 (my favorite slide film), Canon EOS 500N

- my parents and in-laws for helping out with the kids so that I can study and go to camp (leirskole) with my 9th graders
- camp with my 9th graders - had great fun in the sun and it was so nice to get to know them outside the classroom
- being outside a whole day (at said camp), through dusk until the stars came out
- drinking coffee outside whilst watching the morning light break through the night darkness (also at camp)
- snacking on dried mango
- I did not get nauseous during this week's BodyBoss workout sessions. (The last couple of Monday sessions really wore me out...)
- our new sofa has arrived - just need to assemble it first...
- the forecast for the weekend is very, very wet. This is a good thing because it makes it easier to enjoy being inside writing a paper for my studies.
- the way Sverre runs towards me when I pick him up in kindergarten
- only one week left until autumn break

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- my home being a complete mess because of said sofa situation
- spending the weekend writing a paper - I would rather do something about the mess at home (fingers crossed that my dear husband will do it instead...)
- my voice is still not completely back to normal after it suddenly disappeared last week

Friday, 22 September 2017

things I like lately

Svoltaccarozze winery, restaurant, bed and breakfast, Tuscany 2011 // Fuji Pro 160S, Olympus mju

- Sverre turned 2 last Friday. 2 is such a fun, adorable age.
- he got a few pieces of clothing from the Gray Label as birthday gifts - such lovely, soft clothing!
- snacking on carrots and white bean dip - with a healthy pinch of cayenne
- Ingvild has built a beautiful daybed inspired by the one we had in Bergen - which makes me miss ours a whole lot. PS: daybed diy and corner version
- these shoes
- a new yoga mat for my home workouts. Well, two to be honest. I have no experience with yoga mats (or yoga), so I couldn't decide which one to get, or which one is the better one, so I got two; this and this.
- speaking of home workouts. After two months of daily 7 minutes workouts and discovering that I do actually have something called a tricep muscle (who knew?!), I have started the BodyBoss program. I'm only on week two of the pre-training program, but I'm loving it.
- the fact that I'm prioritising and feeling motivated to work out - I haven't had a proper workout routine in ages
- watching Sverre pretend to work out like me
- watched a documentary about cross fit ("Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness") on Netflix and was totally fascinated by how fit and strong people can be
- this cracks me up
- the basement floors are finished and all our things have been moved back in. It's all still in boxes, so the work isn't done yet though.
- winning in the wine lottery at work two Fridays in a row

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- very little time and energy to prioritise blogging. Sometimes I feel like quitting and just keeping my Instagram (I'm halloastrid), but then I remind myself of this: why I won't close my blog
- my voice disappeared over night - which made teaching a little challenging today...
- Grandiosa frozen pizza for dinner three nights in a row due to total dinner planning fail. I did have a green smoothie with plenty of greens each day though.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

life, week 37

Days are busy from dawn till dusk, yet I always make time to prepare a smoothie and healthy snacks keep me going through the day. #iquitsweettreats is going pretty well. How about you?

ready for roasting // will add avocado and feta for lunch tomorrow

A favorite in the early autumn flower beds.

It's coming.

Another week, another fort.

It was a really good afternoon.

practice, practice, practice 

2! And so happy to point out the animal stickers he didn't want to go inside.

Sooo proud of his crown and birthday poster!

He even brought it inside when we went to pick up Sara at school. 

Saturday morning mood

To drink coffee in the warm September sun after a Saturday afternoon nap.

the start of his career in kindergarten art

We do a lot of reading here, especially the Ingrid and Thomas books.

The not so photogenic mix of spinach, kale and strawberry.

Sunday afternoon mood // he really wanted to go in the water but he definitely found it too cold

To end the weekend like this. (It was not all pure bliss, but it never is, is it?)

 - - -

Week 37: September 11-17


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